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Dissertation Help and Dissertation Writing Services are resources that assist students in completing their dissertations. These dissertations are typically lengthy and difficult research papers required for the completion of a doctoral or master’s degree.

Dissertation help required guidance and support from professionals who have experience in the field of study related to the dissertation topic. This can involve providing advice on research design, methodology, data analysis, literature review, and overall structure and organization of the dissertation. Moreover, dissertation help may involve editing and proofreading services to guarantee that the dissertation conforms to academic standards and is error-free.

On the other hand, dissertation writing services are experts services that provide custom-written dissertations for students who could be having trouble writing them or who may be short on time. Team of professional writers and experts who are knowledgeable in various fields and can provide original and best quality plagiarism free Dissertation according to the specific requirements of the student’s topic and academic level.¬†¬†Dissertation writing services may also offer additional features such as plagiarism checks, formatting, and revisions.

Dissertation Help and Dissertation Writing Services

We are offering high-quality assignment writing services, Dissertation Help and Dissertation Writing Services that fulfil the academic needs of students in the United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Australia, Spain, UAE, Oman, Singapore, Egypt, and New Zealand. Our team of experienced and professional writers are dedicated to helping students achieve academic success through our custom writing solutions.

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Book My Assignment offers every kind of Dissertation Help Services in the form of an Empirical Dissertation and Literature-based dissertation.

Undergraduate dissertation Help

Independent Dissertation help services for the Undergraduate students according to the subject and requirements. It could be lengthier more than 250 pages (A4) or shorter than 50 pages (A4) to complete the topic following the guidelines. For more information, contact us to connect with the certified experts for your dissertation writing service to undergraduate scholars.

Masters dissertation

Book My Assignment offers Masters level dissertation papers which are prepared to solve a specific research problem and develops a definitive solution. Writing Masters level dissertation should obey the specific guiding principles from the University. Special attention required for the Formatting, Citation, and Referencing.

Ph.D. Dissertation

Book My Assignment offers assistance for your Doctoral dissertations, which are the most complicated academic dissertations. We are keen to provide long works demonstrating original research works conducted by a Ph.D. scholar. The dissertations, and doctoral thesis for Ph.D. honours are prepared 100% error-free, appropriately cited, and specific with reliable information. We assure you that our service for Ph.D. Dissertation writing will help you with the best solution.


Book My Assignment Covers Various Dissertation Help and Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation Topics That We Cover:

  • Accounting Dissertation Help

Example 1: A critical analysis of the Financial Performance of UK Tourism.

Example 2: Evaluation and the role of audit committees.

Example 3: Evaluation of Value Relevance of accounting information

  • Sociology Dissertation

Example 1: Community and Identity issues of the aboriginals in Canada/Australia.

Example 2: Assessment of methodological approaches in sociology.

Example 3: Aspects of teacher training in a sociological approach.

Dissertation Help and Dissertation Writing Services in america
  • Methodology Dissertation

Example 1: Evaluate the relative strengths in different interview techniques in a qualitative research.

Example 2: Epistemological research in a classroom setting: response to the concept.

Example 3: Ethical considerations and a critical analysis of the complications in primary research.

  • Real-Estate Dissertation

Example 1: Approaches of property development in UK.

Example 2: Cyclical nature of real estate: an investigation into changing prices of real estate.

Example 3: Reappearance of high mortgages: the boost for real estate market or the sign of a future downfall.


  • Tourism Dissertation Help

Example 1: Medical Tourism Dissertation.

Example 2: A detailed analysis of tourism and hospitality industry and its cultural impact.

Example 3: Effect of social media on the tourism industry in the UK.

Example 4: Impact of the economy on the tourism and hospitality industry.

  • Hospitality management Dissertation

Example 1: Environmental Management Systems: A systematic review of their practical implementation.

Example 2: Primary analysis of successful elements of customer experience in UK hotels with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Example 3: Analysis and review of the training protocols of hotel managers with different cultural backgrounds: A primary analysis.

Example 4: Sustainability management or corporate social responsibility of UK tourism industry: A management perspective.

  • Social Policy Dissertation Help

Example 1: Best practices of social works, intervention and child abuse.

Example 2: Community-based social policy networks: A new approach.

Example 3: Indigenous rights and community policies of Metis people in Canada.

  • Cultural policy Dissertation

Example 1: Diversity and Inclusion in workforce management.

Example 2: Gender culture dissertations.

Example 3: Disability dissertations.

  • Architecture Dissertation Help

Example 1: Adaptation of contemporary requirements of cultural identity in Architecture

Example 2: Impact of modern technology in Architecture.

Example 3: Architectural guardian of the nation: The role of Church to maintain architecture in Britain.

Example 4: Urban regeneration of Cairo City: The historical aspect of the Cairo Tower.

  • Nursing Dissertation Help

Example 1: Psychological and social awareness within nursing and midwifery skills: A study of palliative care.

Example 2: Alternative treatments: Pharmacological and Non-pharmacological treatments for cancer pain relief.

Example 3: Management of disaster circumstances: Perspectives from community care of Nursing.

  • Public Administration Dissertation

Example 1: Community welfare and increasing knowledge among citizens in the working of state government I Canada.

Example 2: Rural transformation regarding the policies of transport: A case study.

Example 3: Decentralisation of education in China: An impact of economic change and globalisation.

  • Food and Agriculture Dissertation Help

Example 1: Evaluate food choices and the health effects of junk foods among children.

Example 2: Advertisements should be banned for junk foods targeting children: Case study of Health Canada.

Example 3: Obesity, diet and social class: A case study.

Example 4: A quantitative analysis of the impact of modern technology on farm production.

Example 5: Food contamination: The case of Fonterra.

Example 6: Community IPM for Bt. Cotton.

  • Religion Dissertation

Example 1: Shuffling towards disestablishment? The Church of England, internal discordance and reformation of Parliament.

Example 2: The Jewish attraction to the philosophy of Buddhism: Exploring Judaism in America.

  • Philosophy Dissertation Help

Example 1: Impact of Confucianism on Chinese education.

Example 2: The concepts of civil religion: Aspects of Rousseau and Plato.

Example 3: Federalism in Europe.

  • IT Dissertation

Example 1: Security measurements and implication of Internet of Things: Analysis of IoT.

Example 2: Modern infrastructure of communication technologies: Implication of 5G and Mesh networking.

Example 3: Wireless Ad Hoc Network Intrusion System (IDS): A detailed analysis

  • Automobile Dissertation Help

Example 1: Critical assessment of the value chain analysis of the automobile industry in the USA.

Example 2: Success factors and innovation management of the Automobile industry.

Example 3: Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility to achieve competitive advantage and Reputation of the Industry: Study on BMW.

  • Psychology and Mental Health Dissertation

Example 1: Efficiency of cognitive behaviour therapy: The review of its application of the programme.

Example 2: Transgender problems: An empirical study of adolescent coping mechanism.

Example 3: A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy in depression in adolescence.

  • Healthcare Dissertation Help

Example 1: Impact of Insulin glargine o cancer development: A study on Diabetes Mellitus and cancer.

Example 2: Assessment of primary healthcare provisions of development works at health centres.

Example 3: Social Capital and Self-Rated Health: Examining the association with multilevel longitudinal methodologies.

  • Business Management Dissertation

Example 1: The operations and inventory management at Tesla Motors.

Example 2: Critical success factors of a business: An analysis of supply chain management.

Example 3: Role of operations management and stakeholders in decision making.

Example 4: Effects of operations management on stakeholders: A critical analysis of stakeholder management.

  • Management and Leadership Dissertation Help

Example 1: Problems in strategic management and leadership in operations management.

Example 2: Identify the internal and internal risks in a global business: the success factors of effective leadership.

Example 3: Relationship between leadership and management: Critical analysis of business growth factors and recombination.

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